Why our services are the best?

Eagle One Construction gets it done!

Whether the assignment is construction, pre-construction, post-construction, risk management, or design-building, reliability and quality is always our standard. You will get to work with a team that loves the construction business and has years of experience in this field. Customer satisfaction has always been our top priority. Every project at EOC is completed on schedule and many under budget. The fact that 70% of our projects are from repeat clients proves that we successfully deliver what we promise.

Design Build

The design-build construction strategy has eliminated many of the problems and set back associated with the traditional process. This method is proven to be the most effective in avoiding costly errors, maximizing client’s input, saving time, and ensuring client building plans are executed with maximum precision.

The design-build strategy of Eagle One construction has revolutionized the way client, architects, designers, and contractors work together to effectively complete a project.

The project is thoroughly handled by an experienced contractor and design team. They streamline the project delivery under a single contract with the owner.

The design-build team works through the pre-construction phase to develop a complete architectural design and specification of the project, guaranteeing a maximum price contract. Eagle One Construction provides General Contracting services through project completion, continuing to work with the architect team for drawings and specifications clarifications, as required.


All the work needed before starting the actual physical construction is completed in this stage. Only an experienced and professional team can correctly estimate the actual time and budget needed for the completion of the project.

Eagle One Construction believes that establishing a culture of commitment and collaboration in the pre-construction phase of the project yields positive results in the planning and execution phases of the project. Our highly trained and qualified staff is recognized to be leading the industry when it comes to the pre-construction phase.

Unlike many construction companies, we strive to exceed our client’s expectations by successfully balancing the cost, quality, schedule, and scope of your project.


All the actual physical construction lies in this stage. A strong, hardworking, and smart high-performing team is what makes the project successfully propel from construction to completion as scheduled. 

This is where your vision takes physical shape. EOC provides their teams with the most sophisticated technology tools enabling them to clear even the toughest construction challenges. The highly trained team having a solution to all problems keeps the project within the schedule and budget. We deliver what we promise by making sure your goals are achieved.


The day has finally arrived when the promised project is now ready to hand over to you. All the workers and construction machinery are moved out and the building is ready for occupancy.

EOC makes sure that everything is checked and completed according to the plan, and the transition from construction to startup and occupancy is smooth. After inspecting the complete building, the paperwork is completed and the documents are handed over to the owner. The owner’s team is trained on how to operate all the systems of the building which is now ready for occupancy.

Safety & Risk Management

Here is the most ignored yet important part of any construction. Ignoring the safety precautions and risk of this job results in a major loss to all the involved parties, especially the families of the workers.

Building a reputation takes a whole lifetime and one little mistake is enough to destroy it. Safety and risk management are taken very seriously by our company. Moreover, our clients also entrust us with their safety, security, and reputation.

All the potential project risks are identified and mitigated at an early stage. It is our responsibility to send every member of our team back home safely to their family every night.

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